I am very pleased to announce the first official release of the first silicon-elements element, silicon-hex-table. So much silicon and firsts!

Check out its github repo or its very beautiful documentation page. :star: it! Fork it! Love it!

So I've decided to steal the silicon namespace and reserve it for reverse engineering, binary analysis, and hardware --- i.e., silicon --- related web components. I'll have to create a project or organization soon, so for the odd mix of web developer interested in web components and reverse engineering and binary analysis kind of people, we have a place to push all our silicon components. Send me a line if you've got some ideas; let's make some things.

But if you don't know what web components are, which you might not, if you're the one of three people who probably read this weblog for some reason, then you should head over to the Polymer project site for Google's take on the web's web-component revolution, where the web is ushered into the 70s in software engineering.

In any event, it means we can do sweet stuff like this:

Which is a hex table/viewer for /bin/ls (try offset 0x1000).

So I'll be working overtime this week, in my spare time, to release some things I've been working on, some random, and some which I'm pretty excited about. More on that later, hopefully.

Wish me luck, and enjoy!